Ron's Bar Mitzvah Reception
Rustic Lodge, Route 46, East Paterson, NJ
February 18, 1967
The Fomin Family
Martin and Sylvia Fomin
Ron with the Nevitt Family
Leslie and Ruth Gates
Grandpa Hyman Fomin
Cousins Eileen and Irving
Uncle Jack and Aunt Lily
Grandma Sadie Schwartz
Left standing: Sadie Schwartz, Lily and Jack Sandak  
Right standing:  Jill and Jeff Nevitt, Rich Fomin
Sitting left:  Yetta and Dr. Marty Skalor
Standing:  Martin and Sylvia Fomin, Bea Nevitt, and Irwin
Sitting right:  Eileen and Irving Rosenberg, Eileen
Sitting left:  Seymor and Marilyn Nochimson, Edith Austerwiel
Standing :  Roy and Anne Berger
Sitting right:  Frieda and Morty Joachim, Yetta and Carmen Ceruli
Standing left:  Tanya Rosenberg, Hyman Fomin
Sitting right front:  Leslie and Ruth Gates