Santa Barbara Vacation 2011
We went to Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley for another family vacation with our home base at Rancho Oso.  Ryan invited his friend Ryan to accompany us on our adventures.  Both Ryans wanted to try some wine tasting in one of California's largest wine regions.  Our travels included hiking to some waterfalls, visiting a miniature horse ranch, walking around Solvang,  berry picking, and watching the horses and other livestock at Rancho Oso.
Loon Beach, Santa Barbara
This secluded beach was a surprise find on our drive to Santa Barbara.  The beach is located a short hike from a public parking area adjacent to the 101 Freeway.  The trail cuts through some really expensive beach front homes.
Cold Springs Tavern for Dinner
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Our cabin and ranch animals at Rancho Oso
Ryan and Ryan slept in the loft